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Multi Media Synergy Corporation Sendirian Berhad (MMSC), a learning technology company, was established in September 1997 to pursue the MSC Smart School Project.

It was formed from the synergy of e-learning professionals that posses experience and expertise in the field of courseware design, instructional design, media creation, content development, project management and consultancy.

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  • Group Executive Chairman's MessageOpen or Close

    Welcome to MMSC

    Malaysia is undergoing a rapid technological change in its economy. The Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) national project has laid down infrastructures and foundations for how the future Malaysia society will do business in the next millennium. Of all these, the use of advance multimedia for education, training and certification is the key success factor for the program. In near future, learning institutions like school, colleges, universities and corporate training centers will become more virtual and borderless.

    The success of multimedia content development software today will be very much dependent on three key proprietary technologies, namely; content development technology, delivery system technology and virtual certification and tele-mentoring technology. The exploitation of these technologies will enable corporations to have full control of these proprietary technologies to take the leading role over other competitors in the market.

    In content development technology, current classical curriculum will have to be transformed into full multimedia form to be able to represent knowledge in more dynamic, active and able to feel and touch for accelerated learning.

    In delivery technology, the multimedia content will be transmitted �on demand in real time� to its user without fail. This can be achieved by forging the proprietary technology venture of telecommunications and tele-computing working together in a seamless way.

    In virtual certification and tele-mentoring technology, users in the internet can acquire electronic certification �online� when using tele-mentoring technology programs for security purposes.

    We Enhance Learning.

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    MMSC is in business of providing end-to-end Learning Solution to the Education Market and the Non-Education Market. MMSC is in the expansion stage where it currently grows its business activities into broader marketplace and increasing its product or service offerings. In lieu of its current and potential plans, MMSC is drafting comprehensive business strategies in the areas of sales and marketing, research and development, human resources and finance.

    V I S I O N

    To Spawn Multimedia Technopreneurs That Proliferate Synergistic Partnerships Which Positively Contributes to the K-Economy.

    M I S S I O N

    We Enhance Learning Through Innovative End-To-End Learning Solutions.

    C O M P A N Y   M O T T O

    We Enhance Learning.

    C O M P A N Y  G O A L

    To Be a Leading Global Learning Technologist.

  • How We StartedOpen or Close

    The formation of MMSC was a result from the synergy of few IT companies. The propriety technology in software and tools development that these companies brought and with the experience and expertise in the field of instructional design, software development, media creation and content development of Computer Based Training (CBT), has now become MMSC�s strength.

    MMSC was founded in 1997 by Professor Dr. Abdul Rahman to pursue opportunities in the Multimedia Content Development Sector. Our first target was to secure the Smart School project, a Flagship application in the Multimedia Super Corridor program.

    The Smart School project contract, with an overall value of RM 300 million, was signed in 1999. MMSC is a member of the Telekom Smart School consortium that comprises of Telekom Malaysia, British Telekom, EDS, Sapura, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Edutrend, Customedia and Anzagain-DEMC which will design, develop and deploy the solution to the Ministry of Education of Malaysia.

    Along the way we have also secured a long-term contract to develop Multimedia Training Solutions for Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, an online university with education centers throughout Malaysia.

    With the experiences in Large Scale Multimedia Content Development under our belt, MMSC has set out to help more learning institutions to focus on providing quality education by enhancing learning through the use of technology.

    Currently MMSC is actively pursuing for our business expansion in oversea market.

  • What We Set Out To DoOpen or Close

    Our realization that E-Business affects every aspect of a Client�s business, from administration to product design and manufacturing to marketing, distribution and sale has prompted us to look at E-Business transformation from a holistic approach.

    This E-Business transformation is secured and enabled by Technology Solutions. MMSC has set out to seamlessly bridge the conceptual stage with the operational stage to an E-Business.

    A transformation is not complete without buy-in from the organization as a whole. As such, MMSC places a special focus on training and education to complete the E-Business transformation.

  • Where We Are TodayOpen or Close

    From our beginnings as a Multimedia Content Developer, MMSC has evolved to provide a full range of services to effectively help our clients and partners take the necessary steps in becoming an E-Business.

    As first step, MMSC offers consultancy services to provide the roadmap for E-Business transformation. We than offer an Integrated Solution Development Facility, our Digital Multimedia Factory, to bring the E-Business transformation from its conceptual stage to a concrete operational stage.

    To top it off, our Content Technology and Training Units develop comprehensive training programs to concretize the E-Business transformation for the whole organization.

    This integrated approach helps our client and partners to be in-control of the transformation at each step of the process by enabling them to focus on internal decision making.

  • Facts & FiguresOpen or Close

    Date of Incorporation:
    September 1997

    Place of Incorporation:

    Multi Media Synergy Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
    No. 80-4, Jalan Tasik Utama 5,
    Medan Niaga Tasik Damai,
    57000 Kuala Lumpur

    Registration Number:
    445737 D

    Type of Company:
    Private Company Limited by Shares

    Board of Directors:
    a) Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdullah
    b) Johari Kamarudin
    c) Mohamad Ghazaly bin Abdul Rahman
    d) Siti Fatihah binti Abdul Rahman

  • Management TeamOpen or Close

    a) Group Executive Chairman: Dr Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah
    b) Executive Director, Business Dev. : Siti Fatihah binti Abdul Rahman
    c) Director: Mohamad Ghazaly bin Abdul Rahman